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I have connected my datatrans account to Wallee and everything is configured correctly (as far as I know). My Wallee account is also connected to Shopify with everything configured there also.

When I go through the checkout process on Shopify I am directed to the app-wallee.com URL where I can select which card I would like to use to pay.

I then get the error "This field 'Card Brand' is required." even though the card brand is already selected with a blue box around it and a tick in the corner. Only when I click the logo again does it redirect me to the Datatrans payment page.

Is there anyway I can get rid of this step altogether and have the user go straight to the Datatrans payment page and select the card type there? If not, how can I fix this issue?

Thanks in advance!

asked by Ettore MORASCHINELLI (120 points)

2 Answers

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Dear Ettore

This is a bug when only one brand is active per payment method. We will fix this issue. In the meantime I changed your settings to onsite so that this wont affect you anymore.

answered by Benjamin STADLER (2k points)
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Dear Ettore,

I just wanted to inform you that this particular issue has been solved on our end now and should not occur any longer with using Wallee.

answered by Benjamin STADLER (2k points)