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We're a swiss company and we want to offer e-commerce payment solution for :

  • Twint
  • Credit Card
  • Postcard

Which contract do we have to fill ? There're several :

  • American Express
  • BS Payone
  • Concardis
  • Six
  • MF Group

Thanks a lot in advance !

asked by ES ASUR (180 points)

2 Answers

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For you we recommend this following contracts:

Twint > Twint
Credit Card > Concardis
Postcard > PostFinance Acquiring

If you have further questions, you can contact us at: info@wallee.com
It's private data and I don't recommend to share this with everyone.

Best regards,

answered by Adriano LAMA (310 points)
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Thanks a lot !!

answered by ES ASUR (180 points)