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I'm trying to enable a Generic ISR Connector on a Space in test mode so that my application can provide an Invoice Payment Method to my users.

Unfortunately, all the transactions using this payment method fail due to the error in the title : "When the processor is in the test mode, the customer name must be 'Good Customer'."

I understand that I have to set somehow the customer name for the transaction to "Good Customer" for the processor to work in test mode.
But how can I achieve that ? There's no customerName property on your Transaction object. I can only set the customerEmailAddress or customerId.

I tried manually creating a customer using the web application with a given name of "Good" and a family name of "Customer" and using its ID when setting up my transaction.

Good Customer in web application

That didn't work either ; my transaction still failed (event thought the customer for this transaction is actually named "Good Customer".

Transaction Failure

Soooo... How can I correctly set this "Good Customer" name in my transaction so that I can test this ISR Invoice connector?

asked by Mathias OBERSON (270 points)

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Okay, I found the answer myself.

For anyone who would seek it, know that the name "Good Customer" must be the name in the billing address set for the transaction.

The familyName must be set to "Customer" and the givenName to "Good".

answered by Mathias OBERSON (270 points)
Hi Mathias,

We are sorry for the late reply. Currently we do not offer weekend support yet.

Never the less we are glad to hear that you were able to find a solution!

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Oh, no worries Marvin, I was not expecting you to respond in the weekend :)

It just so happens that when starting work this morning I thought about a use case I didn't try before. Turns out it fixed the issue.