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For a few days, about 2 days, when I initiate a transaction, I always receivd a fulfill statement, as the user had valided the twint transaction.

But this statement must be sended only when the transaction was successfull or was I wrong ?

So, from now, I can't control that if the transation is valid or not... Any idea ?

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asked by Emmanuel AGUET (120 points)
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Thank you for your request.

Transactions will only switch to Fulfill once a payment has been successful.

The request is sent to TWINT and only when the payment is confirmed by Twint the response to fulfill will be sent and wallee changes the status to fulfill.

  1. The amount of CHF1.00 was authorized by TWINT
  2. The amount of CHF1.00 was completed.
  3. The order can be fulfilled.

You can also at first only authorize the amounts for this would have to be selected in the TWINT settings deferred. But then you have to validate or reject all payments individually.

If there is no reply from ACQUIRER or PSP that the payment was successful, the status will not change to fulfill.


answered by Deniz TOPRAK (1.3k points)
Thanks for your answer, but from now, the state is ALWAYS set as FULFILL when I use the API from the PHP SDK...

It worked like that until 3 day ago and that since 1 year.

So now, when i launch the API for asking the paiement page, the verification script I mad receive evertime a FULFILL statement, so I can't user the API for verify that the paiement was correct.

Is there any change recently about the PHP SDK ? (On github I seen a change from 20 day ago, but nothing more recent)...

Thanks for your help.