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Hi there,

Is there a way to translate payment options in Shopify? I run my store in German and French but payment options are always displayed in German...

Tried several things but couldn't get it to work. Thanks for any hint.



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asked by Claudio BüTTLER (120 points)
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Dear Claudio

You can find this in your shopify configuration. When you cklick on customize you can add translations for every language.

answered by Deniz TOPRAK (2.2k points)
Hi Deniz

Thanks for your answer. But this is not quite what I am looking for, or I don't exactly get it.
1. I had already implemented the code above, but this is just for text on Wallee's payment page, not for payment options, right? Payment options are loaded dynamically and aren't translatable strings. Or can you send me the strings to translate for all available payment methods? Like "wallee-checkout.payment.creditcard"?
2. I was also referring to Shopify's payment checkout step not your redirection page after submitting the order. How can I translate payment options there?

Thanks for your support.