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We have a use case where we want transaction emails (complete, fullfill, etc) to be sent to the customer who executed the transaction (and whose email adresse is provided to Wallee via the customerEmailAddress of the Transaction), but also to another email adress that could be defined dynamically per transaction (our users are employees of a company, which might have a dedicated email adresse where all invoices must be sent, for example).

We cannot use the Email configuration to define those additional carbon copy adresses, since we don't know them beforehand, they are managed by the users themselves, and they shouldn't be used for all transactions, obviously. So that's not an option.

I've seen that we can add email addresses to the transaction's Adresses (invoice and/or shipping) through the emailAddress property, but if I understood the API documentation correctly, if an email adresse is present in either the invoice Address or the shipping Address, this is the one where documents will be sent, regardless of wether the Transaction has a customerEmailAddress.

Can anyone confirm that?

And is the use case I described above achievable at all?

Thanks in advance!

asked by Mathias OBERSON (250 points)

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Hi Mathias,

Like you've previously mentioned you can add the carbon copy addresses via the e-mail configuration.

Unfortunately dynamic carbon copy recipients is not built into the standard environment of wallee.

We will reach out to you regarding this request via e-mail as we will have to escalate your questions to our developers.

You will hear from us shortly.
Kind Regards,

answered by Marvin SIEBER (1.4k points)