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I am running test’s through shopify, I have configured payment methods on shopify by applying tokens given. I have configured my Barclays direct link processor and payment methods. The moment I add goods to shopping cart and go and test transaction, it starts processing then transactions fails stating ‘payment failed: data you entered is not valid. Please try again or choose another payment method’ on Wallee account under the transaction attempt it states there is no payment method configured which is applicable

asked by Bruce RULISA (120 points)

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To perform tests, the Processor must be set to test. Then you can enter the test card data. If you already have an active account, you can also run live tests, then the processor shoul be set to live.
If this does not work, you can always contact us at info@wallee.com, give us your SPACE ID by mail so we can look at your configuration.

answered by Deniz TOPRAK (700 points)