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For an order with the chosen payment method "prepayment", the transaction
was declined (08.04.18) although it was already captured a month ago (08.03.18). As a result of the rejection, the order status is set to "Canceled/Rejected" and the
Payment status changed to "Check required".
This only happens with the payment method "prepayment".

Unfortunately, I do not understand the problem. Can anyone help or have had the same problem before?

asked by Benjamin STADLER (1.5k points)

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The status of your order was "completed", which means that the customer gets the invoice and can pay now. Since the customer did not pay within the configured due time, the order gets cancelled after 30 days.
I was also able to see that you have open manual Tasks that inform about an error in your mail template, so the customers whose orders are declined never got an invoice they could pay.

Please check your manual tasks and correct the mail template, then your customers will get the invoice and can pay the order.

answered by Benjamin STADLER (1.5k points)