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Hi there,

We have configured the Dunning Flow numerous times but to no avail.

Does the Dunning Feature work for Shopify Subscriptions? How do we get the Dunning Flow to send the emails/whatever we need for Shopify Subscriptions?


asked by Uwais KHAN (160 points)

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Hello Rentoza,

The Dunning feature should work for normal transactions and also Shopify subscriptions. Of course these e-mails will only be sent to the customers when the invoice is overdue. If you want a simple payment reminder you have to work with the Charge Flow instead.

If you need further support could you please reach out to us via info@wallee.com and explain your exact desired process on how you would like the dunning flow to work ?

We will the analyse and try our best to help you set this up.

Kind Regards,

answered by Marvin SIEBER (1.4k points)