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Hello i want to sell digital Products (Addon for a Software) on my own shopify shop, which will be implemented on my website. I need for customers to be able order subscriptions with recurring payments. How can i do that? i already connected wallee to shopify successfully, but when i create a new test product on shopify and want to see if it works, there is no checkout button, which would allow me to set up a recurring subscription payment. What can i do?

Thank you in advance

asked by Jonathan MEISER (120 points)

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Hello Jonathan,

In order to offer Shopify subscriptions via wallee you will first have to create the desired product in Shopify. After that wallee will synchronise the product over to your wallee backend. You can then find the product in your Space under Shopify > Subscriptions > Products

Then you can select your product and setup all the variants.

You can see more in-depth explanation in our documentation:

Kind Regards,

answered by Marvin SIEBER (1.4k points)