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We want to use wallee to sell just one single service at a fixed price online. So basically it's a checkout page where people can do a prepayment to get a particular service: see our Metabolic Balance checkout page.

We don't have an online shop and I don't necessarily want to install one only for that reason.

With wallee we would be able to add additional payment options like postfinance/twint very easily.

What would be the best/easiest option to integrate wallee in this situation?

  1. Manually with PHP (is there an example for that)?
  2. Install an online shop like e.g. Prestashop or OpenCart (which one?) ?
  3. Use a SAAS online shop like e.g. Ecwid (which one?) ?
  4. Something else?

Somebody might have done something like that already. I would appreciate a lot if you could share your experience.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Hello Cesare,

When not working with a shop system we can recommend using our payment link feature:

Of course you can also integrate a shop system or code something yourself using SDK / PHP. Unfortunately we do not have an example but we've done our best to document it as detailed as possible.

Kind Regards,

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