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We have an open invoice 111111 for CHF 500.--.
We cannot deliver all and establish a credit 22222 for CHF 50.--.
Wallee creats new invoice 111111-1 for CHF 450.--
Customer transfers anyway CHF 500.--.
Month later pnly customer gets from us refund of CHF 50.--.

How closing correctly the WALLEE invoices:

111111 over CHF 500.-- seems not to exist anymore due to the credit.
222222 -CHF 50.-- seems not to exist neither because there is a new invoice.

Now WALLEE has 11111-1 open over CHF 450.-- but the transfer is CHF 500.--.
How to book the CHF 50.-- overpaid? Can we park in WALLEE somewhere these extra CHF 50.-- and when month later the refund through the bank accout is made, we can connect the refund with the parked CHF 50.--?

Or does WALLEE simply accept an over payment of CHF 50.-- whilst reconsilation process and igores later the refund of CHF 50.-- through bank account?
How will this all be moved to the NEBENBUCH for BEXIO export?
Thanks for info.

asked by Claudio SEVERINO (260 points)

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Hi Claudio,

To avoid any misunderstandings we will reach out to you via E-mail as this a user-specific question.

You should receive a message and/or phone call soon.

Kind Regards,

answered by Marvin SIEBER (1.4k points)