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Is it possible to use Tokens only for a specific Sales Channel?

If a customer stores a credit card in a Mobile App (Android/iOS SDK), that it will be available only in the App and not in the Webshop if the same Space is used?


asked by Dominik MEGERT (220 points)

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Dear Dominik

Thank you for your inquiry.

The token has to be present in both systems, in Wallee and in your own environment. If the token has been saved in another database then for the webshop, the token cannot be accessed - This would be the easiest solution in my personal opinion.

I hope this helps - Please let me know if this does not resolve your issue.

Kind regards

answered by Patricius THUINER (1.4k points)
Hello Patricius
There are the same Database and Space (Wallee) used for the Webshop and App's (iOS/Android).
The Question is, if the customer add's a Payment Method within the App, is it possible to make Token Payments only in the App?
I've readed the tokenization Service, maybe it's possible with the "one-click-payment" off.
It should not be, that a saved Creditcard is visible for the customer in the webshop (when he added this card in the app).
This is question. And is that possible by using the default Modules (SDK/Shop Modules) or do they need a customization?
It is similar to Parkingpay (but there the payment method is also in the webshop accessable).