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I noticed different Problems, because Wallee is deep Integrated in Shops.
The complete Cart, Customer ID and more is submitted to Wallee.

I don't like that, it's not the task of an Payment Service Provider to know the Customers bought Products. There are also Problems with Payment displayed in the Store due other Module Conflicts (I don't know why exactly) and the Payments are hidden sometimes.

Is there a Wallee Product Planned which simply manages the Payment Only in a Store? Install a Payment Plugin, choose Methods and the Process starts when creating the Order.
I mean the Wallee API is the same, only new Plugins are needed?

asked by Dominik MEGERT (220 points)

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Dear Dominik

Thank you for your request.

Unfortunately there is nothing planed like "Wallee-Light".
Can we help you with the integration in any way or how can we help you?

Please send us a request to info@wallee.com and we will gladly help you out.


answered by Fabio MARCASSA (420 points)