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Dear support,

With the Payment Method "Bank Transfer" via BS Payone: Will it mark Orders as paid right away, or after the money is actually on the BS PayOne Bank account?

Looking at the settings, It looks a little like will actually wait for the money - although I'm not sure how to set the settings in order to achieve that.

I'm asking because when using the Customwebs WooCommerce plugin, I remember it was not possible to check back if the money was actually on the account. There, an order that used the payment method "Bank Transfer" was marked as paid/completed right after it was ordered (... which is bad in case the customer doesn't pay, which happens every now and then. I didn't use the payment method because of that.)


asked by Thomas HAUBNER (220 points)

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The BankTransfer will mark order as Authorized but not as paid. Once the money is paid we do receive a notification from BSPAYONE and we will mark the transaction as fulfill.

This is now integrated as it should be.

answered by Sascha KR├╝SI (5.1k points)