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Hi there!
Our customer paid our bill of let us say 5000.--. All was booked in WALLEE. Now customer and we realize, the amount was not correct. Should have been 4500.--. "GUTSCHRIFT" function does not allow anymore to establish and refund the 500.--. Any other way? Bill was paid by bank transfer. Thanks for advise. Best Claudio

asked by Claudio SEVERINO (260 points)

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Hi Claudio,

There should not be any limit on the refunds. Could you send us the exact transaction link and all details via info@wallee.com please?

We will gladly analyse this for you.

answered by Marvin SIEBER (1.4k points)
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Not sure if you got your answer, as I am coming late to the party.

Go to Space > Transactions and search for the Customer (Name/Surname/Email).

Click the Transaction. Click Refund on the Right hand Tab. You have the option to Refund any amount up to the amount paid.

answered by Uwais KHAN (160 points)