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The currency is shown correctly on product page and in the cart (e.g. CAD). But once the checkout process is initiated it changes back to the default currency (CHF). Customers see CHF for checkout, shipping costs etc. and for payment.
We had to change the checkout process in a way that customers must go through their cart in order to agree on the terms. maybe that this caused this?
Thanks for your help.

asked by Regina HUBSCHMIED (140 points)

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Most likely the issue is caused due to your checkout or a third-party-plugin (e.g. currency-plugin, in case you are not using the standard environment).

We will have to reproduce the issue and further look into this.

Please reach out to info@wallee.com with your wallee account/space number and with the same error description. We will gladly try our best to help you out.

answered by Marvin SIEBER (1.4k points)