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Hi there,
We consider the default standard text of WALLEEs reminder e-mails to customer, not that friendly. Where can we save our own text, so that it really is taken over. We inserted already our own and saved it, nevertheless, the standard text is used. Thanks for info with "step by step" instruction. Best Claudio

asked by Claudio SEVERINO (260 points)

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Hello Claudio,

Here is how you can change the message for the dunning case (step by step):

Configuration > Dunning > Click on your dunning process (names may vary)

Then select the case you want to change. I believe in your case it is "ZAHLUNGSERINNERUNG"

By pressing Edit you can change the text.

You can also create a new template and add it.

If you have any further questions or want to get into more detail please send us an e-mail to info@wallee.com. Thanks!

answered by Marvin SIEBER (1.4k points)