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I am trying to complete an autorized transaction via web api. My account has the role: Account Admin. For now I am working with a simulator terminal (Bogus).
This is the message I get when I try to complete the autorized transaction:
"...The user needs at least one of the following permissions: Root >> Account Admin >> Space >> Payment >> Payment Processing >> Completion >> Create..."
Unfortunatly there is no such role in the settings page.
Actually, the preferred solution would be an automatic completion of authorized transactions.

asked by Roman WEIS (120 points)

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Hi Roman

Please note that the completion for terminal transactions are bound to the daily closing (Tagesabschluss). Once you perform it the transaction will be completed.

However, can you please if needed send exactly what requests you send to which space to our support using the support icon in your wallee account so that we can have a closer look?

answered by Sascha KR├╝SI (5.1k points)