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Where can I add our e-mail address in order to get a blind copy BCC of all by wallee sent invoices?

asked by Claudio SEVERINO (260 points)

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Hello Claudio,

You can add a CC or BCC to any template like this:

  1. Navigate to "E-mails" and then the Configuration Tab
  2. Select your desired E-mail by pressing "Default template" (In your case most likely "Completion E-mail")
  3. Press on Edit
  4. Now under Email Details you should see Carbon Copy (CC) and Blind Carbon Copy (BCC).

Here you can add your desired E-mail address.

I hope I was helpful. If you want us to look into this with more detail please send us an E-mail to info@wallee.com.

answered by Marvin SIEBER (1.4k points)