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i have do the processor installation and when i go to do the test order with credit cards i receive this message: ""We are unable to complete your payment right now. You might want to retry or to try another payment method."" i cant figure out what is going wrong, please help me...

asked by ANTONIS ANDREAKOS (120 points)
I am having the same issue. Can we get some help. I wish there was more support from Wallee than charging to get support help to use your platform.

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I answered this question here: https://ask.wallee.com/96/unable-complete-payment-might-retry-another-payment-method

If the payment method is not available this might be caused due to settings, conditions on the connector or misconfiguration. However, if you open a transaction you see the history and the decision we made. And we provide additional information in the transaction history. See the screenshot below.

answered by Sascha KR├╝SI (5.1k points)