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Hope you are doing well
According to Wallee app instructions. We have installed the app in shopify.
We have received these two code:
ShopifyShop Identifier

Security Token

We have checked the payment configuration processor, there are two app already added
please see this screenshot.
But when we opened the Wallee Payment app there was nothing. please see this screenshot

We checked the instructions but we are not able to add  Payment Gateway.
We didn't know which payment gateway adds  braintree in the app.
how to collect payment by shopify checkout page.
which type of option displays on the checkout page for braintree payment.

So kindly ask support team please help us in integration and configuration
Thanks & Regards,Soniya Panwar
Email: dm29.evits@gmail.comOffice: 9111021926

asked by Robert LANCASTER (120 points)

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Dear Robert

thanks for your message.

In order to use the payment methods from your Processor, you need to add each payment method you want to use as a Payment Gateway in Shopify, for example Paypal or Credit Cards. You can install these directly over the Shopify Documentation which you can find here:

Click on the payment method you want to install and you will be redirected to shopify and might need to enter the credentials. Then accept the installation and the payment methods should be added to the list on "Alternative Payment Methods". Opening them there leads you to the configuration where you need to enter the previously created Shop Identifier and Token. Save the settings and now you should be ready to go.
Since your Processors in Wallee are currently still in test mode, you can use a Paypal Sandbox Account to test Paypal. For credit cards, you can use one of the predefined credit cards to simulate the payment process.

Hope I could help you.
Let us know of anything else is unclear.

Benjamin Stadler

answered by Benjamin STADLER (2k points)