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I am using Magento 1.9 and have installed the Wallee extension from github.
I have configured Wallee and Magento with the application user id and key, also the website space Id.
I have setup a processor (SagePay) and a payment method (secure credit / debit card) and 4 connectors (mastercard, visa, amex, maestro).

Using the standard Magento OnePage checkout.

Transactions are being rejected by SagePay as they include a BillingState that is greater than 2 letters. I have spoken to SagePay support and the say this is only needed if it's a US address.
The UK address I have been using is giving a HEF BillingState as it is in Herefordshire.
It works fine with a Cambridgeshire address.

Sagepay say there is no need to send a BillingState with a UK address, but if it is sent it needs to be 2 letters.


asked by Ben WOODCOCK (200 points)

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This is what is being sent to SagePay (some redacted)

vpsprotocol=3.00 txtype=DEFERRED paymenttype=DEFERRED vendor=BXXX vendorname=null accounttype=E username=null website=null vendordata=null vendortxcode=218704-0 amount=1.00 currency=GBP description=218704£1.00 vspterminal=null address=null postcode=null billingpostcode=HRXXXX billingaddress=null deliveryaddress=null deliverypostcode=HRXXXX contactnumber=null contactfax=null customeremail=null basket=null allowgiftaid=0 applyavscv2=0 billingsurname=WXXX billingfirstnames=BXXX billingaddress1=2XXX billingaddress2=null billingcity=LXXX billingcountry=GB billingstate=HEF billingphone=null deliverysurname=WXXXX deliveryfirstnames=BXXX deliveryaddress1=2 XXX deliveryaddress2=null deliverycity=LXXX deliverycountry=GB deliverystate=HEF deliveryphone=null referrerid=null billingagreement=null token=null storetoken=null basketxml=null customerxml=null surchargexml=null firecipientacctnumber=null firecipientdob=null firecipientpostcode=null firecipientsurname=null vendorname=B clientnumber=null cardnumber=XXXX XXXX XXXX XXX startdate=XXXX expirydate=XXXX issuenumber=XX cardtype=MCDEBIT cardholder=Mr B** cv2=XXXX threedsecurestatus=null cavv=null eci=null xid=null clientipaddress=null paypalcallbackurl=null createtoken=null firecipientacctnumber=null firecipientdob=null firecipientpostcode=null firecipientsurname=null ecdtype=null

The issue SagePay have is with the 'billingstate=HEF'

answered by Ben WOODCOCK (200 points)