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I was able to change and adapt the email templates... But now I'm struggling with the packaging slip pdf and the invoice slip pdf...
At the moment, above the address of the customer, there is the company address line (underlined) looking like:
Company x GmbH, My Name, Company Street, CH-8000 Zurich, Switzerland

I'd like to "delete" my name from the address, so that it looks like:
Company x GmbH, Company Street, CH-8000 Zurich, Switzerland

Can you tell me where I can find in the invoice or packaging slip templates this line / what changes are necessary? Thank you very much and best regars

asked by Philipp STäMPFLI (140 points)

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Dear Philipp,

Great question!

You can change that address in your space dashboard. In your dashboard, click on edit to change the postal address. This address is referenced in the invoices and the payment slips.

Please get in touch with our support team, if you would like one of our team members to have a look at your case specifically: info@wallee.com


answered by Dewi JöRGER (3.8k points)