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I am using Magento 1.9 and have installed the Wallee extension from github.
I have configured Wallee and Magento with the application user id and key, also the website space Id.
I have setup a processor (SagePay) and a payment method (secure credit / debit card) and 4 connectors (mastercard, visa, amex, maestro).

All seems to have connected correctly, and IP addresses have been added to SagePay.

I have two problems.

  1. The first test with the Wallee payment method activated in the standard Magento onepage checkout allowed card details to be entered but SagePay rejected the attempt with error: 3130 : The BillingState value is too long.

  2. Integration with OneStepCheckout.
    The Payment method shows(credit/debit card) but no card fields are shown (name / number etc).
    The order (in Magento) goes through, and the card is shown as AmEx in Wallee with the state Confirmed. They payments do not show in SagePay.
    The transactions eventually timeout in Wallee and are cancelled in Magento.
    Wallee shows 'The transaction has reached the timeout. The user never loaded the form for entering the payment details.'

I have overidden some of the OnStepCheckout files in Magento - perhaps this is an issue?


asked by Ben WOODCOCK (200 points)

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Hi Ben

The issue with the invalid state code has already been fixed in the latest version of our wallee plugin. We do not offer full compatibility with third party checkouts. You'll have to contact the checkout dev directly or ask us if we can possibly make yours compatible. Please ask us directly on info@customweb.com. Thanks in advance.

answered by Gil SOZINHO (730 points)