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Could you please describe a bit more precise where I can find this option name? Maybe a screen shot would help?

Do I find this option in "Vorlage individualisieren" or in the "editor"? If its in the editor what ist the name of the twig?

I searched for a long time already. Thank you.

asked by Andreas JOST (160 points)

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Dear Andreas,

Great question!

Following the answer in the other question you linked in your question:
When you create a new template, you will be asked what type of email template you would like to create (Authorisation Email, Completion Email, Reminder Email, etc). Once you have chosen the type of email template you wish to create, the following page starts with the Name field marked with an asterisk.

If you are editing a default template, you will not be able to rename it. If you are editing your own created template, you can click on edit and rename the template name.

Let us know if you need further assistance!


answered by Dewi JöRGER (3.8k points)