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Hello there,

I am so sorry, but I just don't find a place to edit the payment information or shipping information for my different payment options. Under Resources in the Editor I looked at payment-form.twig - no way to edit payment information.

Under Resources > Web I can choose and edit some aspects of my payment form, but also not the payment information. Well this makes sense, because the payment information should be unique to each payment method.

So I go to Configuration->payments and - yahoo - I can edit the title of my payment, but still not the payment information.

What should I do?

asked by Abraham ACKERMANN (160 points)

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Dear Abraham

Thank you for your request.

What kind of shopping cart are you currently using?
I need this information in order to give you a better answer.

What is exactly displayed now and what is the information you would like to insert?


answered by Fabio MARCASSA (420 points)
I think I should have put my answer here as a comment, no? ;)
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Sorry for the late answer. So we are on Shopify. What do you mean by "what kind of shopping cart"? Most definitely the standard cart I guess... :D

So this is what the customers sees, I can change the title for that but not the payment/shipping information

And this is how I'd love to edit this individually for each payment method:

answered by Abraham ACKERMANN (160 points)