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I would like to accept recurrent payments with Paypal on my Shopify store. I already setup wallee with shopify, added subscription products, and installed the Paypal Processor. I could successfully make a simple transaction with Paypal.

However, it doesn't seem to work for my subscription product.
If I try to make an order with one subscription product, the wallee transaction fails with the error message The billing agreement feature is not supported by your PayPal account. In order to support tokenization this feature must be activated by PayPal.

When I look at the documentation of the processor, I read: If you’d like to process recurring transactions (subscription orders), you need to ask PayPal to enable reference transactions in your account.
However, from the paypal documentation, i see that reference transactions are depracated since 2007.

Finally, when I look at the Paypal connector on https://app-wallee.com/en-us/connectors/ it seems that paypal does not allo tokenization...

Does that mean that I cannot setup subscriptions with Paypal?
As you can see, I am a bit lost here.

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asked by Alexis LEIBBRANDT (180 points)

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Dear Alexis,

Unfortunately, this is a limitation on PayPal's end. They do not support tokenization which is needed for recurring payments. You could try getting in touch with PayPal support and see if there is a way to activate this in your business account, however they would need to review your business module and everything.

Technically, we are able to do this. You can set up subscriptions with other payment methods, like credit cards for example.


answered by Dewi JöRGER (3.8k points)
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