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Hi there,
I am trying to integrate the wallee payment service on a page where people can buy tickets for events.
I'm using a php web server and the PHP sdk from github.
Payments already work, but I need to identify the succeeded payments in the webhook.
I tried using the following endpint: /api/transaction/read
https://app-wallee.com/api/client/transaction-service--read (=> here it works)

But I did not find out how I get the transection with the php framework of yours.
I tried $transaction = $client->getTransactionService()->read($spaceId, $id); for example. But this gave me an empty object

Can you help me getting the details of my succeded transactions?

Thanks in advance!

asked by Florian BOLLI (120 points)

1 Answer

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Dear Florian

We suspect that you are giving the wrong ID at:
$client->getTransactionService()->read($spaceId, $id);

You will have to pass on the ID which you have received in the Webhook.

If an empty result is still returned there, it is because the authentication is not working correctly.

Could you please review this? If this does not help, I recommend sending your inquiry to info@wallee.com in order for us to review this in more detail.

Kind regards

answered by Patricius THUINER (1.4k points)