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i added the calculation using "Bogus Processor" and a default configuration. now i always get this error message:
The payment information could not be renderer. Reason: The variable with name 'completion' used in the template 'document/template/payment/invoice.twig' in line 3 is not defined.

where is the mistake?

asked by Mike DANTHINE (160 points)

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Hi Mike

Thank you for your request.

According to the error message it seems like there is a problem in line 3.
Is it possible that you deleted too many lines which included the variables?

The easiest way to fix this is that you reset your template.
You can do this by clicking on the black button on the top right inside of the template where you can reset the latest snapshot of the template.

I hope that I could help you with this.


answered by Fabio MARCASSA (420 points)