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Issue: I can't select any products when creating a Subscription as there isn't a product listing. It shows "There are no options". However there's two active products.

Steps taken:
1. Created a Trial Wallee account and sandbox Braintree account which it's connected to.
2. Enabled the Subscription module (Feature).
3. Created a Subscriber and Product.
4. Went to create a Subscription and whilst it shows a me a list of subscribers, it doesn't show me a list of the products.
5. Created another product without a $ in the name, just in case.
6. Tried with/without email delivery in the product.
7. Enabled Email SMTP connector, just in case.
8. Tried setting allowed payment method configurations (with/without)
9. Tried setting a Sort Order.
10. Logged out, cleared browser cache, logged back in.
11. Disabled and re-enabled the Subscriptions Feature.

I still can't see a products listing.
Just wanted to create one to see what the options are and if we can create weekly/fortnightly subscriptions.

2018-03-20th Wallee - Products

2018-03-20th Wallee - Subscription

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You created a subscription product but you did not create a subscription product version.

Subscription product version help you to manage subscribers in different versions of your products. More information about products and version can be found in our documentation: https://app-wallee.com/en-us/doc/subscription/products#_product_versions

answered by Sascha KRüSI (5.1k points)
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Excellent response. Thank you!

I admit, the UI wasn't quite intuitive enough. Updating the error to say "There are no Product Versions" instead of 'There are no options', would have helped. Having a link to the documentation on product versions would be even better.

At least, that's my suggestions.

Cheers :)