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Please think about this Function. A customer pays with Credit Card as Example which generates a Manual Task (IP Address from another Country as Example). This Customer is save and friendly, you have checked that. When this Customer creates new Transactions you always have to review every Transation of him.

A Feature which allows to pre-save the Result like "Accept" would be helpful. That you don't have to review every TRX in the Future.

asked by Dominik MEGERT (140 points)

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Dear Dominik

thanks for your message.
I have redirected your message to our Second Level, which was discussing your suggestion with our head of development.
I have got the feedback from the development, that they have created an internal task to enhance the user experience for such orders that have to be reviewed recurrently, however we can't tell in what way it will be integrated and when this will be done, but as the task is created, we will enhance this in a way for sure.

I hope I can help you with this info.

Of course we are still available if you have any further questions.

With friendly greetings
Benjamin Stadler

answered by Benjamin STADLER (1.5k points)