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In the Transaction List you don't see the Payment Reference (like TRX ID of TWINT autogenerated).
You see this Number if you open the Transaction (/transaction/view/xxx). For TWINT it is "Transaktionsreferenz", for Credit Cards it is "Händlerreferenznummer" as Example.

It would be very helpful, if you create an Additional Column with this Information (for PostFinance, TWINT, Visa, Mastercard or whatever).

The Reason is, that this is the only matching Number within the TWINT Portal (or other Portals like Six "Your Reference" as Example. It is needed to find and identify Payments.). Otherwhise you only have Time and Amount.

asked by Dominik MEGERT (220 points)

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Dear Dominik,

thanks for your message.
I have got in touch with our development about this. Unfortunately we can't implement this TRX Reference at the transaction overview.
However, we are generating a reconciliation with TWINT automatically and create the corresponding payment receipts, which are already matching to these transactions.
Let me know if there is anything unclear.

Benjamin Stadler

answered by Benjamin STADLER (2k points)
Dear Benjamin

Thank you for the Response.

I din't noted, that this Reference is already in another Report in Walle:

When I download this Report, i see the TWINT Reference to create a Matching between Wallee and TWINT.

My Current Problem is, that TWINT changed the Closing Balance from 23:30 to ~08:45 in the Morning on 17th March 20. This created some Issues at TWINT that Transactions are lost from Payout (I got to less Money from TWINT). I have to look now, which Transactions are affected. That's not the First time.

But anyway, thanks.