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I'm currently using Shopify with Wallee and Braintree as the payment processor.
When connecting to the API from Braintree there's the option to generate a customer "Customer ID". This way when a customer places a new transaction we can connect the transaction and even different payment methods with the Customer ID.

But via the Wallee integration, every order from the same customer is creating a new customer within Braintree. Is there a way to change the customer_ID? Within Wallee or by changing the Shopify app integration to force this?

Any help in the right direction would be highly appreciated.

asked by Nick HUIJS (120 points)

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Dear Nick,

Thank you for your email and question.

Currently, that is the normal behaviour of Braintree and wallee. We advise merchants, such as yourself, to use the Customer ID in wallee or in Shopify, to identify your customers. If you look in each transaction within wallee, you will see a transaction ID and transaction reference which you can identify your customer/transaction with in your Braintree backend.

Hope this helps!


answered by Dewi J├ÂRGER (3.8k points)