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Where from my Walle account i can translate the payment page (Cardholder name, card number, security code and etc)??

asked by Simeon ILIEV (120 points)

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The language of the Payment Page is basically defined by the browser, but can be changed here with wallee in the Resources > Editor: under: Resources/web/template/form/element/ payment-card-data (folder)

All Twig files available here are responsible for a part of the translation.
Here words can be adapted or translations can be done.
For example:
card-holder.twig contains the word "card holder name".

By saving and publishing in the corresponding language, the display will be adjusted and shown accordingly.

answered by Mike OTT (1.7k points)
The question is how to reach to Resources > Editor under: Resources/web/template/form/element/ payment-card-data (folder)
When i go to Resources only Settings is available but not Editor