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We need Shopify order ID on invoices instead of merchantReference. Cannot find right variable to display

asked by Shigeru TAKAHASHI (120 points)

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Dear Shigeru

Thank you for your inquiry.

This is not really possible since Shopify creates the order/invoice after the payment has been completed so this information is never actually transmitted to wallee once the payment is being made.

Nevertheless, there are other possibilities here depending on what it is that you would like to set up. I have sent you an email if you would like for us to check some possibilities together with our developers.

Kind regards

answered by Patricius THUINER (1.1k points)
Dear Patricius,

we have the same problem like Shigeru and we are interessed in a solution.
Can you tell us which possibilities you are talking about in your answer above?

We already asked a related question, but the answer didn't involve your mentioned possibilities.

Thank you for your help.