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Customers can use a coupon code (voucher) in the checkout process. The coupon code is generated by woocommerce.

10 USD discount on shopping cart total if total is over 100 usd

This discount needs to be visible on the Invoice and in the Email in a separate line. In the woocommerce order view the discount is listed seperately. But in the Wallee transaction view the discount is not visible at all.

I want to see the total of CHF 208 and the discount of CHF 10 and the Endtotal of CHF 198.

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asked by Sebastian ALTHAUS (240 points)
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It should work with the default system from Woocommerce the way you expect it. You should generate and use these vouchers, otherwise a custom adjustment is necessary.

answered by Mike OTT (1.7k points)
The order displayed in Woocommerce ist perfectly fine. Im talking about the invocie mail and document in Wallee. The discount of CHF 10.00 is not visible.
We need the CHF 10.00  to be displayed on the mail and invoice of wallee. Today Wallee just displays a total of 198.00 that includes the deduction. But for the customer this is not clear at all. It should display a total of CHF 208.00 and then display the discount of CHF 10.00 which ends up in 198.00