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I am trying to delete the subscribers I created earlier but they are still there in the Wallee system except with the state delete. I would like to completely delete them so that I can create a ones.

The reason is that once I create a subscriber with an external Id, say 1, I cannot create another user with the same external Id 1 even if I delete the previously created subscriber.

I am fairly sure this should be possible because of the DPCE laws but couldn't find anything related to this in the documentation so a little help would be appreciated.

asked by Sharan KASANDULA (170 points)

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Dear Sharan

thanks for your message.

Have you already tried to delete the subscriber directly over the Wallee interface?
When you log in to Wallee, then navigate to your Space > Subscriptions > Subscribers. Then, open a subscriber and delete it (at the bottom right corner of the user). If that subscriber doesn't have a subscription at that point running, the deletion should be successful.
Can you try if that works?

Benjamin Stadler

answered by Benjamin STADLER (1.5k points)
I tried deleting the Subscriber using both, the Wallee API CLI as well as through the Wallee interface but neither of them worked, even though the subscriber did not have any subscriptions at the moment. Can you suggest some other solution?