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When payments with Live twint are made the status of the order remains in "Pending Payment" instead of "Processing".
When using the test Twint, it works correctly.
Besides that, when test Twint is active, I see in the woocommerce backend the details of the transaction. For the live Twint, I don't see that.
I see that the transaction status is also different:
In the test case I read "Fullfill" and in the Live I read "Confirmed".
How to fix this? Or is there some configuration that is missing?
I do see the funds correctly transferred to Twint.

asked by Natalie ANDRIANI (180 points)

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Sorry, my mistake.
I initially set this up while the website was still in a staging environment and URL and therefore all the webhooks were pointing to the wrong place.
I've created a new space and linked it to the live domain and all is working fine!

answered by Natalie ANDRIANI (180 points)
Dear Natalie,

Great to hear you resolved this! Should you have specific questions like this in the future, please get in touch with our support team so we can look at individual cases, as it could depend on the customer or the acquirer, or even something else.

Our support team is happy to help you: info@wallee.com