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I am trying to integrate Wallee as a subscription service in my app.
I would like to access SEPA as a payment method through the iframe.

So far, I have
- created Bogus payment processor,
- Linked SEPA and credit card to the Bogus payment processor

I can access Credit card as a payment method(through paymentConfigurationId) in the iframe but not SEPA

I get the following error from wallee service
"The payment method is not suitable anymore."

Any help would be appreciated.

asked by Sharan KASANDULA (170 points)

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Hi Sharan

The problem is that the bogus processor currently does not support zero transactions. We will fix this. If you want to further do development just send an amount that is bigger than 0 EUR.

Best regards

answered by Sascha KR├╝SI (5.1k points)