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Hello! I hope you guys are doing well :)

We need your help with your wonderful platform!

We are using Wallee API (PHP SDK) to handle subscriptions on our Web Platform.

We figured out the sequence to activate the subscription paid by Credit Card.

1.Create Pending Subscription using Product ID and Subscriber ID.
2.Get Charge instance using ‘Initialize Subscriber Present’
3.Get Transaction from the Charge
4.Build payment URL and redirect user to form
5.Handle results using Callback URLs and Wallee Webhooks.

Our product has fee created with non-zero amount, but Transaction created by sequence I described above has zero amount. I guess its because our account and payment processors are in Test mode. But because of zero amount we can’t continue developing next feature - Payment with Invoices. All Invoices Connectors don’t support Zero transactions.

Could you please help us to figure out steps to:

  1. Handle Free Subscriptions
  2. Create Payment with Invoices instead of Credit Card
  3. Handle Transactions in Test mode (with non-zero amount)

Thank you!

asked by Mike DANTHINE (160 points)

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