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I installed your solution last week, and I'm working on test with my shopify store, we offer children clothing rental service, so we need to put in place a recurring payment solution. The payment will be a simple recurring charge on product price, for exemple, an item is rent for 10€/m, it will only charged for 10€ per month until store admin stop the recurring payment, no shipping or other fee will be taken in to the process.

Your application seems to meet our needs, but I have still need help on subscription setup, I go through the document several times, but it is not very clear, I created a charge flow, but I don't know how to make link with the subscription function. If the subscription function works only with charge flow, you should give an exemple in the document.

Could you please take a look on my setups and give suggestion, if you have an exemple, i will be very happy to read it.

Thank you in advance.


asked by celine DE BACKER (120 points)

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Dear Celine,

Thank you for your email and great question!

Please keep this generic so you would not have to specify each transaction. In level one, nothing needs to be happen, as this is the initial transaction, the customer will pay the initial amount, give you his payment details which will be kept at hand for the following charges. Level two, can be a notification by Email so that your customer gets informed that he/she will be charged on the same payment details he/she used for the initial payment (credit card, PayPal, etc) Please have a look at the documentation again: https://app-wallee.com/en-us/doc/payment/charge-flows#_charge_flows_and_charge_flow_levels

Shopify Products:
Please configure your products and it's variants in the Subscription part of Shopify within wallee. In the drop-down menu, your products and it's variants which you have already created in Shopify can be found. These are now your products for your subscriptions. Please note, that only about 20 items will appear in the drop-down menu. If you have more items in Shopify, please type the exact name of your product/variant to configure this as a product in wallee.

If you would like us to have a look at your case specifically, please contact our support team and we will happily have a look at your settings: info@wallee.com

Please let me know if you have further questions or need further assistance.


answered by Dewi JöRGER (3.8k points)