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I would like to use Shopify Wallee Integration with Adyen as payment platform.

My website must be PSD2 compliant, so I need 3D Secure 2.0.

On Wallee demo app, 3D Secure is testable. But it is 3D Secure 1.0 or 3D Secure 2.0?


asked by Pierre GRIMAUD (160 points)

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Hi Pierre

Thank you for this good question. We are constantly upgrading to 3DS 2.0 for all the processors. We are also working on 3DS 2.0 closely with Adyen and make sure that its always upto date.

More information about 3DS 2.0 can also be found here https://wallee.com/blog/psd2-sca.html

answered by Sascha KR├╝SI (4.4k points)