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Hi all,
Payment-Links are really easy to use, but not only for me, also for all others how can see the link it the web-page source. They can try "to do things" with the link. Wallee even tell them what the link expect as a parameter e.g. "currency"

I woud like to see a field "allowed domains" in the paymentlink configuration section, where I can enter my domain-name(s) and wallee will then test the origin of the paymentlink-activation and prevents it's running, if it is not actiated from one of the given domains.

I can do this with my vimeo videos embedded as an iframe.


asked by Ueli GISIGER (120 points)

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Good morning Ueli,

Thank you for your email and suggestion.

We can easily add parameters to the payment link functionality however we can only look at the referrer header here. In other words, we cannot prevent people from paying via the payment link. You could restrict this by installing a 'hard' check on your side (e.g. Login with password or similar).

Our charge flow functionality may be more suited to your needs but to confirm this we would have to understand better your use case. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@wallee.com so we can discuss this in more details.


answered by Lucie POIRIER (1.1k points)
Hi Lucie
I decided to "insert" a php-layer between my web/forms/buttons/links and wallee. So I have the control and more secure situation I'm looking for and it's highly configurable.