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According to latest global alipay
Trade information will become mandatory after Aug 31, 2019.
Is there any plan in Wallee to support setting Trade information?

asked by Wenxuan LI (180 points)

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Dear Wenxuan,

Thank you for your inquiry.

This has indeed been implemented in our Alipay Global processor in the following way:
We assign specifically as business_type the category 4: Sales of goods and send the required parameters for this category: goods_info and total_quantity.



answered by Lucie POIRIER (1.1k points)
Dear Lucie,
Thanks for the reply. Will the shopify integration pass the goods_info and total_quantity to the Alipay? As these information is invisible to us, just want to make sure we don't have any trouble on Alipay side.

Thanks agian
Hi Wenxuan,

The Shopify integration passes the line items from particular transaction to wallee, who will generate these values and pass them on to Alipay when the transaction is executed.