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I encounter an issue with Wallee and Woocommerce:
The credit card option only shows up once you have filled all mandatory field. This means that as long as all the fields with the red mark are not filled then woocommerce says that "there is no payment method available".

Do you have any idea how to fix this?

Thanks in advance for your help

asked by Chantal SCHNEIDER (120 points)

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Dear Chantal,

Thank you for email and enquiry.

This is a standard behaviour from WooCommerce. Even if you choose Payment by Check and hit the Order button, it will still ask the customer to fill out the form so that you can process the payment. Otherwise, you will not know who your customer is and to which address you would need to ship.

If your issue is a little more specific, we can have another look for you in detail. For this we ask you to contact our support team under the following email address: info@wallee.com


answered by Dewi J├ÂRGER (3.8k points)

Thanks for your reply. The issue is that I cannot even choose Wallee payment method.