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Hi, I'm trying to use one of the few payment gateways my country has available in order to accept credit cards on Shopify, not sure it`s ok to say the provider I'd like to use, but the idea is, they no longer integrate directly with Shopify and they suggested I use Wallee to integrate.

My question is, what exactly does Wallee do here? From where I stand it is another layer of fees on top of the fees I`ll pay to the payment processor.
Why would someone that's not in my position use Wallee for?

asked by Iulian PREFAC (120 points)
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Dear Iulian,

Thank you for your query. Wallee offers a plugin which allows an integration of the payment form directly in your Shopify checkout, without redirecting the payment to the processor.

As for the fees, using wallee and our preferred partners, could get you a cheaper deal than having a direct contract with another processor. Using wallee can also mean that you have your payment methods all in one place, within the same fee in your subscription. You can add another payment type without the extra fees in wallee, depending on your subscription.

There are also additional features in wallee which could be interesting to you, such as: Dunning, Reconciliation, Subscriptions and many more.

Please contact us under info@customweb.com to discuss your case in more detail.


answered by Dewi JöRGER (3.8k points)
dear dewi,
to be clear, this means your fees listed on the website under pricing are the fees we will pay in the end? or are those on top of processors fees?
I am talking about per transaction fee
e.g. a processor normally has a fee of 1,4% + 25c and wallee has 1,4% + 10c with business atm. (will I pay 1,4% + 10c or the combined one?)
best wishes,
Dear Philipp,

wallee prices are as follows:
- Monthly fee
- Transaction fee

These are colour coded on our pricing page. The grey prices/rates would be the rate the processor could/would charge you (unless agreed otherwise in your contract).

So, to answer your question with your example: wallee would charge you 10c per transaction. (on top of the monthly fee)

Hope this helps.