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MF Group AG (Powerpay) requires the following payment note during checkout:

The monthly invoice will be sent by MF Group / POWERPAY by the beginning of the next month by mail. Please note that each invoice will include an administration fee of CHF 2.90. By selecting the monthly invoice you accept the terms and conditions of POWERPAY. (powerpay.ch/en/agb)

How can that be achieved within Shopify?
We were working with another plugin provider before and they integrated this message on their end, it was displayed after the redirect to the confirmation step where one has to select gender and birth date.


asked by Sandro HOTTIGER (120 points)

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The easiest way is to place this text into the General Terms and Conditions.

Otherwise you can also place this text in the Iframe (with an If condition for the Payment Method ID).

answered by Sascha KR├╝SI (5.1k points)