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Hello there,

We are testing manual payment captures in Shopify using BNP Mercanet processor in simulation mode.

The order is shopify is marked as paid instead of authorized.

asked by Abhilash CHELANKARA (140 points)

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Hello Abhilash,

Thank you for your enquiry.

There are two possible reasons for this:
1. You have not configured your connectors with Payment Completion as Deferred.
2. You have created a Shopify integration in wallee but have not installed it. This is required if you wish to use deferred payment completion.

If you continue to face issues, do not hesitate to contact us at info@wallee.com and provide your wallee account or space ID.


answered by Dewi JöRGER (3.8k points)
Apologies, this deferred completion is indeed not available for the BNP Paribas Mercanet  processor, this is why you do not see the option to configure it.