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I miss-understanding something.. maybe you can explain to me.

I did a test setup for shop, i used the Shopify plugin and setup my Saferpay test mode in my Wallee account.

But when a customer buy a product to my website.. the money goes to my Wallee wallet or my Saferpay wallet ?

Thank for your help,


asked by Mikael MONARDO (120 points)

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Dear Mikael

thanks for your message.
Currently, your account is restricted so you can't make payments in live mode (where real payment is flowing). In order to activate it, open your Account and click on ACTIVATE ACCOUNT. You can also reach it over this link:

You also need to configure your Saferpay Configuration so it uses the live data:
change the mode to live and enter the credentials.

The amount you get from customers goes directly to the account you have specified on the contract creation with Saferpay. Wallee doesn't touch any amount. To change this bank account or get more informations of the payout, please contact Saferpay directly.

I hope this helps.
Let us know if you have any further qestions

Benjamin Stadler

answered by Benjamin STADLER (2k points)